Cooking Classes

One of the main goals of our program is community outreach, but in various ways. One of those ways and components of our community outreach at Born With Purpose is the nutrition program we are providing for the community. With these classes we will be applying solutions from different perspectives to a growing epidemic of food insecurities in our communities that can and have caused ailments that are all avoidable simply by what you eat. Understanding that some communities are a lot more limited than others, our program also wants to focus on making the most of what you do have and in some healthy and delicious ways. Our program will achieve assisting our communities with making and applying healthy food choices by:

  • Teaching the science behind some our favorites foods/ingredients and how they affect our bodies – both good and bad

  • Addressing some of the socioeconomic, social, cultural and environmental challenges our communities face that end up impacting a lot of their food choices

  • Providing our audiences with various and effective strategies to apply our lesson plans at home

  • Creating an environment for our participants to also be able to teach and learn from each other

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